The following contains the Official Rules of the Northeast Sled Hockey League (NESHL) and have been agreed to by the NESHL Board on September 12, 2016 for the 2016-2017 Season. All rules and related articles that outline the League, its mission, and play are administered by the NESHL Board and the League Commissioner. The League will follow the Official Playing Rules of USA Hockey unless otherwise stipulated in this document. Click here to download the USA Hockey Rulebook.

Points of Emphasis

The NESHL Board of Directors would like to emphasize the following for all our Teams, Players, Referee’s, and anyone else who participates in our games.

High Sticking—High Sticks will not be tolerated. Sled hockey uses the normal height of the shoulder for determining if a high sticking infraction has occurred. If your stick goes above your shoulders upon the Referee’s discretion you may be assessed a penalty.

Holding and Interference—Players impeding, or Holding, an opposing player will be assessed a penalty. Referees should pay special attention to players Holding opponents Sleds or Sticks.

High Hits—USA Hockey Rule 620—The NESHL will closely enforce this USA Hockey Rule which assesses a Minor plus a Misconduct, or Major plus a Game Misconduct, at all times for any player who contacts an opponent in their head, face, or neck.

Hits from Behind—The NESHL will be strictly enforcing players being hit in their backs, or the back of their sled. Please see NESHL Rule 8.7.

Pusher Speed—Pushers cannot push faster than the average speed of the players on the ice. Please see NESHL Rules Section 7 covering all Pushers.

Abuse of Officials—USA Hockey Rule 601—The NESHL supports all our Officials and any abuse, physical or verbal, of these individuals will be penalized as defined in this Rule.

Player Safety—The NESHL Board requires that all players wear approved protective equipment consistent with the position they may be playing. The Board also requires the wearing of neck protection by all players. Players will be removed from games if a safety issue is identified but can return to the game once the issue has been rectified.

Home/Visitor Status—The pre-filled out scoresheet for each game will identify the Home and Visitor teams. It is strongly recommended that teams sit in front of the appropriate bench for their games to assist the on-ice Officials.


Change History

Changes for 2016-2017 Season:

  1. Updated Introduction and created Points of Emphasis Section.
  2. Rule—Updated player add process.
  3. Rule 2.4—Updated League Geographic Area.
  4. Rule 4.3—Changed Period Length to 14 (Fourteen) minutes from 13 minutes.
  5. Rule 4.3.1—Created new rule where in the Third Period if the Goal Differential is 7 or more it results in a running clock, versus stop time.
  6. Rule 4.4—Changed Length between Periods to 1 minute.
  7. Rule 4.7—Changed Scoreboard Goal Differential to 7, from 5.
  8. Rule 4.10—Pucks hitting a Goalie’s Facemask will no longer result in an automatic whistle to stop play.
  9. Rule 7.2.14—Changed Pusher Exclusion Zone.
  10. Rule 8.8—Updated description and penalty assessments for T-boning, or Teeing.
  11. Rule 10.1.1—Added Rule that Commissioner, or League Designated Representative, can immediately suspend a player, or players, for any altercations at our games, or rinks which we utilize.
  12. Rule 12—Updated Tie-Breaker Path.
  13. Section 15—Created new section to cover League Tournament Championship Games when the 3 person shoot-out ends in a Tie.

Changes for 2015-2016 Season:

  1. Rule 3.9 created—Player Safety Equipment.
  2. Rule 4.3—Game Time—changed from 12 min stop time periods to 13 min stop time periods.
  3. Rule 4.6—Changed Major Penalty from 3 min to 4 min.
  4. Rule 4.8—Removed USA Hockey Icing rule and changed to ‘Hybrid Icing’.
  5. Rule 4.12—Changed from ‘allowing games to end in a Tie’ to implementing a 3 person shootout in the event of a Tie.
  6. Section 12—moved ‘Most Goals Scored’ down list of tie-breakers and put before ‘Coin Toss’.

12/16/15—Updated Document to Version 2

  1. Removed Rule 8.16 (Hits above the shoulder). NESHL will follow/default to USA Hockey Rule 620.

Updated Rule 4.6—Penalty Times. Added Misconduct penalty time of 6.5 minutes.

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