2017 Tournament Information

Tournament Rules

1) Games will be played following 2016-2017 NESHL Official Rules and USA Hockey Rules unless stated in this document.

a. NESHL Rules can be found on our website at
b. NESHL website also contains a Referee section with videos and Hybrid Icing Table for your reference.

2) Game Length will be three Fifteen minute Periods.

a. Warmup time will be Five minutes.

3) NESHL Rule 4.12 and Rule 15 modification:

a. Only eligible players can participate in any shootouts. One example of a player who is not eligible to participate would be someone who has time left on a penalty when Regulation Time ends. (End of Third Period)

4) Some things to be aware of with the NESHL Rules are:

a. Penalty times may be different than what you are used to. Please see NESHL Rule 4.6 for Penalty Times.
b. The NESHL requires the wearing of some type of Neck Protection for all players.
c. The NESHL has adopted Hybrid Icing. See the Referee section on our website to view our Hybrid Icing Table, or NESHL Rule 4.8. (See url in 1b above.)
d. Fighting will not be tolerated.
e. Abuse of the Officials will not be tolerated.
f. Please review the NESHL Points of Emphasis in our Rules.

5) This is a 5 Team Tournament. Each team will play the other 4 teams over Friday and Saturday.

a. Teams are:
i. East Coast Cutters
ii. USA Warriors
iii. Western Rebels
iv. Kitchener Sidewinders
v. Buffalo Sabres
b. Standings will be used to determine Sunday matchups.
c. NESHL Rule 12 will be followed for Ties in the Standings.

6) On Sunday May 14th all the Games will all be played following NESHL Rule 15, and with the modification in #3 above.

a. All games need to have a definitive winner, no Ties.

7) Sunday May 14th Matchups will be as follows:

a. 4th Place and 5th Place in the Standings will play each other for 4th and 5th in the Tournament.
b. 2nd Place and 3rd Place play with the winner moving onto the Championship Game. The remaining team takes 3rd place in the Tournament.
c. 1st Place in the Standings gets an automatic bye into the Championship Game against the winner of 2nd and 3rd place. Winner is Tournament Champion with the remaining team taking 2nd Place in the Tournament.